SEARCHi is a Siddha Medical Dictionary Application based on T.V. SAMBASIVAM PILLAI SIDDHA MEDICAL DICTIONARY. SEARCHi Application is developed to run on many different types of Android devices (from phones to tablets), iOS devices and Web platform also.

Features of SEARCHi App:

  • SEARCHi App is compatible with all Android and iOS-based devices. Web App is also featured.
  • It provides meaning and explanation to 86618 keywords which are expanding to 7098 pages are available in T.V.S. Dictionary.
  • Available in different searching modalities like Tamil, English, Tamil language with simple English script.
  • There are 52 categories which could be retrieved (category wise search).
  • Any word from entire document can also be searched (General term wise search).
  • Display of suggestion or related words makes the process of searching easier.
  • Rs. 399 for premium – the same user credentials can be used for web App and Android or iOS mobile application.

Benefits of SEARCHi App:

  • The advanced Search engine enables quick search of words.
  • User friendly.
  • No need of any special software.
  • Cost effective when compared with the book.


  • Siddha Medical Practitioners and Researchers.
  • Siddha Medical College Students.
  • Tamil Scholars.
  • AYUSH Practitioners and Researchers.
  • Life Science Researchers.